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Malabar General Information
Known as Land of Looms and Lores, during British rule in India, Kannur was known by its Portuguese name of Cannanore which is still in fairly common


About Us

Indian Coffee Workers Co operative Society registered 1958.Society started its function 1958 onwards.   We  celebrated our memorable 50 years working.Golden Jubilee celebration inaugurated Sri.Pinarayi Vijayan Former Minister for Co-operation of Kerala on ……  Kozhikkode. We organizedvarious programs under all over our branches , participated our Consumers and colleagues.
Head Office of our Society now working at Kannur from 1972 onwards,.  At the beginning Head Office was at Thalassery up to 1972.
Share Capital :  Individuals are only members of our  Society. Authorized Share Capital is Rs.20,00,000/-  Share Value is  Rs.100/-.  Paid up Share Capital as on  31-03-2009 is    Rs.4,36,400/-
Total number of Members as on  31.03.2009 is  466.
Out of which 13members are sympathizers and others are  employees.

No Government representation.

Managing Committee consists of 10 Members, from among  1  Member from Sympathizers,  other employees.
Last election held on 18-01-2009 for a period of  5  years.Executive Committee is not applicable to our Society.
Total Number of employees as on 31.03.2009  is  458.
At the time of joining all employees purchase 10 Shares.10.Total assets shown in Balance Sheet as on 31-03-2009 is Rs.1,99,81,164.53/-
Minimum qualification for the post of Worker is 7 th  standard  pass and good personality.  If  an employee possess or acquire SSLC , Society recommended  to J.D.C  training, such employees promoted to Clerical Category.

Society grant 13 Public Holiday to our employees.

* Ramsan, Republic Day, Sivarathri, Bakrid, May Day, A.K.G Day (Founder of Indian Coffee House at  all India level) ,Vishu,  Independence Day,  Gandhi Jayanthi, Onam, Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi , Navami, Christmas.
Two/Three pairs of uniforms cloth supplied to employees in a year. 
Employees and Employer contribution to P.F is 12% each.
Dividend paid to Members in accordance with their share capital.20% of Dividend is Statutory.
Casual Leave per year is 20 Days.
Special Duty Allowance:  If an employee worked in a       holiday, allowance paid to his average salary of per day.
If  an employee worked any overtime; allowance paid tohim Rs.20/- per hour.

Most of the employees are subscriber of L.I.C Scheme in their on desire.  Society not subscribe any Insurance Scheme and accident benefit scheme except Employees Benefit Fund.
Out of 404 Employees 73 Members are joined Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme established by LIC.  Society deduct monthly premium and remitted to the same to LIC.
Most of the employees are members of Co operative Employees Co operative Credit Society, they provide personal loan to their members on the basis of pay recovery Certificate issued by the Employer Society.  Besides  Society issued Pay Recovery Certificate to the other Co op: Banks, Nationalised Banks etc. and Society deduct monthly loan amount from their salary and remitted to the same to such Institutions.
At present 18 branches working in various districts in northern side of Kerala State,.  Area of Operation consists of 6 Districts, 

Society paid Income Tax to Government according to profits.  Final accounts is prepared by Chartered Accounts after getting Audit Certificates from State Government authorized official called as an Auditor.  Expense of such Auditor is meet by the Society.  At present society have any liability to Government or other Institutions.